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    報告題目:Minimal wave speed and spread speed in a system modelling the geographic spread of black-legged tick Ixodes scapularis

    報告人:  賴秀蘭副教授中國人民大學數學科學研究院)


    報告形式騰訊會議ID:120 940 278

    內容簡介:Lyme disease is transmitted via blacklegged ticks, the spatial spread of which is believed to be primarily via transport on white-tailed deer. In this talk, I will present a mathematical model which describes the spatial spread of blacklegged ticks due to deer dispersal, and explore the role that the white-tail deer plays in the geographic spread of the black-legged tick Ixodes scapularisin the northeast of the United States of America. The threshold dynamics is rigorously investigated in terms of the basic reproduction number, for the cases of the 1-D whole space R and general bounded spatial domain with homogeneous Neumann and Direchlet boundary conditions. We analyze the stability of its steady states and explore the existence of traveling wave fronts connecting the extinction equilibrium with the positive equilibrium for the system. We derive an algebraic equation that determines a critical value c* which is at least a lower bound for the wave speed in the sense that, if c < c*, there is no traveling wave front of speed c connecting the extinction steady state to the positive steady state. We also offer a rigorous theoretical confirmation of this linearly determinacy.

    報告人簡介:賴秀蘭,中國人民大學數學科學研究院副教授,博士畢業于加拿大西安大略大學應用數學系,2014-2018年期間在中國人民大學數學科學研究院和美國俄亥俄州立大學生物數學所從事博士后研究,主要從事生物醫學相關問題預測模型的模型建立、理論分析、數值模擬方面研究,包括關于癌癥的數學建模,感染者體內病毒動力學研究。PNAS, Science China Mathematics, SIAM Journal of Applied Math, Journal of Differential Equations, Journal of Theoretical Biology, BMC System Biology等核心期刊發表20余篇論文。作為課題負責人主持過一項國家自然科學基金項目。